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Published: 28th February 2009
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Writing a SWOT analysis is not easy. In fact, it can be really difficult to identify the different components of a SWOT analysis and decide what should go under the headings of Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities. There are a number of sources online that can help you. But the best one available is a free SWOT analysis generator, that gives you a complete blueprint for you own SWOT analysis in just a few clicks of your mouse.

SWOT analysis is a helpful tool used by students and professionals alike. It gives you a full idea of what the company or organisation you are looking at is facing in the future, and shows you what it does best and where it needs to improve performance. The key to writing a good SWOT analysis is research. This can take a lot of time and there is often far too much information to sort through. This slows you down and can leave you feeling bewildered and lost when it comes to filling in your SWOT analysis.

Our SWOT analysis generator can make the whole process easier and can save a lot of precious time. We all know how much work students can find themselves with, and that anything that saves time is welcomed. It is for this reason that we have made our SWOT analysis generator simple and quick to use. On top of this, it is completely free to use. This means you can go on again and again and complete a SWOT analysis for different companies and organisations as many times as you like.

The SWOT analysis generator gives you a whole host of options to choose from that may relate to the company or organisation you are examining. All you have to do is name the company in question and choose the industry that company is operating in. Then click through the extensive menu, choosing options that apply to the company you are investigating. When you have done this for each section, you will be presented with a full document that lists all the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in one concise paper. You can then use this as a basis for a more comprehensive SWOT analysis, or if it just a simple document that you are looking for, you can use it to get straight on with your assignment.

Our SWOT analysis generator is proving to be extremely popular, and we have already had a huge amount of feedback from students who have found this tool useful. We aim to help students reach their full potential in their academic careers and are committed to boosting learning and encouraging the exchange of knowledge. We hope the SWOT analysis generator proves just as useful for many more students.
Get your free SWOT analysis by using our FREE SWOT analysis generator on the company of your choice. Alternatively order your customised SWOT analysis done by experts.

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