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Published: 28th February 2009
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A SWOT analysis is a term students come across often during their studies, and anyone who has attempted to write one will know how difficult they can be to put together. We have come up with a unique, free and simple to use tool that can help end the misery of spending hours constructing a SWOT analysis. Our SWOT analysis generator can deliver a SWOT analysis document on any company or organisation of your choice in seconds.

A SWOT analysis is a business tool, used to help gain a full insight into a company, looking at what it does well, where it fails or needs to improve, where it could develop in the future and what could pose a risk to the organisation. It basically a gives you the full picture, which you can then look at and make decisions to secure the future of the company.

There are many ways to go about writing a good SWOT analysis, but the main issue is knowing your subject. If you are writing a SWOT analysis on Tesco, you need to know what they excel in, what they can do to encourage more growth and what could have an adverse effect on them. You need to be able to put this information into the relevant sections of the SWOT analysis, which consist of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Looking through all this information can take a lot of time, and we all know that students have very little of that.

Our SWOT analysis generator aims to give you head start on your own SWOT analysis. We have developed this unique tool that costs absolutely nothing to use, meaning you can amend your SWOT analysis as many times as you want and it will not cost you a penny. In just a few clicks of your mouse you can have a whole SWOT analysis for the company or organisation of your choice.

The SWOT analysis generator gives you a whole host of options to choose from in each section, with a sentence of explanation for each one. You can take these from your completed SWOT analysis, and develop them - adding in your own knowledge and creating a quality SWOT analysis document that can help you with any assignment on your chosen company or organisation.

Our SWOT analysis generator has already helped many students, and the feedback we have received has been overwhelming. It costs nothing to use and the process is so simple to follow that we are certain you will find it helpful. We want to ensure that as many students as possible get to make use of our SWOT analysis generator. We aim to help students reach their full potential in their academic careers and are committed to boosting learning and encouraging the exchange of knowledge. We hope you find this tool a big help to you in your studies.
Get your free SWOT analysis by using our FREE SWOT analysis generator on the company of your choice. Alternatively order your customised SWOT analysis done by experts.

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