Concept of managed services and managed service providers

Published: 14th December 2009
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Managed services happen to be the practice by which the day-to-day transferring of management responsibility takes place. This concept of managed services exists in the form of a strategic method. It is for improved, efficient as well as proficient operations. The people or the organizations that are the owners of or have direct supervision of such an organization or a system which is being managed are known as the offerers, clients, or the customers. Whereas the persons or the organizations that agree to and delivers these managed services are regarded as the managed service providers.

Usually, the offerer of the managed services remains liable for the functionalities as well as the performance of the managed services. They do not give up or relinquish the general responsibility of the management of the said organization or a system. Some examples of the general managed services are power, Internet, water, courier, postage, system, network and user management, transportation, telephone and media. Then there the information services pertaining to supply chain together with the various communication services which fall within the purview of the different managed services. However, even as the managed services usually includes these services but they are not limited to them.

By managed service providers or MSP is characteristically meant a service provider of IT or information technology. It is managed services providers who manage plus assume the responsibility for supplying a definite array of services related to IT to the clients. The do so proactively or else by determining the services which are needed by the clients. Most managed service providers charge a downright or a near-fixed fee on a monthly basis, which helps their customers by supplying them with the predictable costs of IT support.

Today several managed service providers deliver a number of their managed services directly through the Internet. They no longer have to perform the on-site visits to client, which are both time consuming as well as expensive. Some of the common services offered by managed service providers comprise remote network, the desktop as well as security monitoring.Managed service providers aid in patch management along with providing back-up for remote data. They even give all the required technical assistance to their clients of customers.

Managed services have a business model behind them which was usual among the companies at enterprise level. It was offered by the big Information Technology support companies namely EDS or Electronic Data Systems, the IBM Global Services, and also Centerbeam. This model was modified later on to fit the small to the medium sized organizations by the Value-Added Reseller or VAR community. This was because the existing business model of reselling the hardware and the software constantly generated low profit margins.

Owing to globalization and with the improvements in communication technologies most of the businesses these days run worldwide operation. They have geographically separated offices in several continents and for running day-to-day operations they need IT managed services. There are leading IT managed service providers that offer round-the-clock IT support to businesses running in Brussels, Geneva, or Sacramento from India or Singapore. Their services are reliable, cost effective, and international standard.

For more information on managed services and managed service providers surf the net. Compare the charges and decide on the best managed service for your business.

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